Uber Eats now shows users which of their personal information couriers can see

The next time you order something from , you can find out what personal information a courier can see about you at each stage of the delivery process. The “Show as Delivery Driver” feature follows a “Show as Driver” feature that Uber added in 2020 (Account tab).

The deliverer only knows an approximate delivery location until he picks up the order. Then they usually have access to your first name, first initial of your last name and the exact delivery location. Uber will also provide them with your delivery instructions and notes. After completing the order, the courier will only see a general delivery location in his app again.

In addition, the function will tell you what kind of details couriers tip see, like your phone number, payment details or driver rating. If you’re ordering products like alcohol through Uber Eats, you’ll need to prove you’re of legal age by sharing a photo of your ID. Couriers can’t see your ID details after delivery, says Uber.

The idea is to offer users more security and transparency, said Zach Singleton, Uber’s head of privacy and equity product . View as Driver has been a popular privacy feature among users, according to Singleton, who noted that Uber gets thousands of support tickets from users who are concerned about how much personal information their driver or courier is getting and from those who know more want.

Safety is a major concern for many Uber and Uber Eats users. Singleton added that “concerns are 53 percent more likely to exist about the information drivers had when they arose.”

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