Trump told Mike Pompeo to shut up after COVID outbreak via China: book

Trump told Mike Pompeo to shut up after COVID outbreak via China: book

Former President Donald Trump urged Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to “shut up” on China and COVID so as not to anger Chinese President Xi Jinping, Pompeo is reportedly recounting his time in the Trump administration in a forthcoming book .

It’s a startling revelation about Trump, who usually seems to jump at every opportunity to criticize China.

But Trump wasn’t happy after Pompeo told leaders at the March 2020 Group of Seven summit that China was responsible for COVID-19 and that the disease should be called the “Wuhan virus,” Pompeo reportedly wrote in his memoir : “Never Give an Inch”, due out next week. He believed China had “repeatedly delayed” sharing data and spreading disinformation about the disease, according to excerpts from the book obtained by Semafor.

Trump was apparently concerned because Xi warned him in a phone call the following day that, according to Semafor’s excerpts from the book, Pompeo’s attack jeopardizes the “Phase One” trade deal between China and the United States.

“My Mike, that damn guy hates you!” Trump said about Xi, tells Pompeo.

Trump was also reportedly concerned because the US was dependent on China for medical supplies. According to the released excerpts, he accused Pompeo of “putting us all in danger” by angering Xi.

“Stop it, for God’s sake!” Trump told Pompeo, according to the book excerpts.

Pompeo said he kept his mouth shut about China afterward.

“We needed medical supplies and were with the CCP [Chinese Communist Party’s] Mercy for that,” Pompeo said in his book. “I worked for the President and would bid my time.”

In fact, the US State Department shipped 17.8 tons of donated coronavirus medical supplies to China in February 2020, just as health experts and some American lawmakers were already seeking federal action to prepare the US for the growing pandemic. The massive shipment to China included medical masks, gowns and respirators, which were desperately in short supply across America at the end of March.

Trump spent months thanking Xi for the dictator’s transparency and cooperation during the pandemic. But then he switched to vilifying Xi and China over the disease — soon dubbing COVID the “Wuhan virus,” the “Chinese virus,” or the racial “kung flu.”

The former president continues to rail against China over its growing power. He told media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post earlier this week that if he becomes president again, he would enact “aggressive new restrictions on Chinese ownership of any vital infrastructure in the United States.”

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