Today’s Wordle #589 Clue, Clues, and Answers for Sunday, January 29th

It’s Sunday! Time to be lazy and do nothing. Well, we’re driving up from Phoenix today after a family reunion for my aunt’s 70th birthday, but after that – and probably some more work and cleaning – it’s time to be lazy.

The last of us will air tonight on HBO. If you haven’t seen the show yet, it is very good and you really have to try if you like great writing, creepy zombies and – in the case of tonight’s episode – brilliant character drama.

You can read my review here.

Anyway, before you see this, you’ll probably have to solve today’s Wordle. I have a hint and a hint below (and the answer and some discussion on my guessing game below). Here we go!

How to solve today’s wordle with spoilers

The hint: suspicious. It stinks.

The hint: There are more consonants than vowels in this word.

The answer:




My initial guess for today’s word was the worst in weeks, but that hasn’t stopped me from turning lemons into lemonade today. bloat is often something you don’t want, whether in your budget or in your stomach, and today I regret choosing it. 532 remaining solutions left – not so lucky.

Still, you can spin in this game, and I did. Tower reduced that number to just 7 and still left me with too many options. I was really torn ficus and fishy but the latter was my first instinct and I just went along with it. Wordle Bot later assured me that this is exactly the word he would have chosen, so that’s nice.

Speaking of the bot, he made four guesses today, guess slate/croup/whisk/fishy, This means I get 0 points for guessing 3 and 1 point for defeating the bot for a grand total of 1 huzzah. Hooray!

Have a nice weekend folks!

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