Tim Allen stars ‘Home Improvement’ costar in resurfaced clip

If you missed it, Tim was suspended earlier this week following his earlier widespread criticism handyman Costar Pamela Anderson recalled an allegedly disturbing incident on set.

Pamela, who was 23 at the time of filming, claimed in her forthcoming memoir titled Dear Pamelathat Tim showed her his penis on her very first day on set.

“On the first day of shooting I left my dressing room and Tim was in the hallway in his bathrobe,” Pamela wrote in an excerpt Variety received ahead of the book’s Jan. 31 release.

“He opened his robe and quickly revealed me – completely naked underneath,” she claimed.

At the time, Pamela was widely known as a Playboy model with her appearance on ABC handyman is her first acting appearance. She further claimed Tim said he flashed her because he wanted to “return the favor” since he had seen her naked before.

“He said it was only fair because he had seen me naked. ‘Now we’re the same.’ I laughed awkwardly,” she claimed.

Tim vehemently denied Pamela’s claim, telling Variety, “No, it never happened. I would never do such a thing.”

Days later, Pamela offered more insight into the alleged incident, telling Vanity Fair that she found the whole thing “surreal and uncomfortable.”

“This true story is just one of many surreal and uncomfortable situations I’ve learned to navigate,” she said. “My book is about how I’ve felt throughout my life and in this case, my career. I have no grudge against Tim. But like the rest, it should never have happened.”

“It was the first of many bizarre encounters where people felt like they knew me enough to make a total jerk off of themselves,” she adds in her memoir, per Vanity Fair.

Pamela received a flurry of supportive messages from fans after making the claim, with many people rightly pointing out that women in the ’90s weren’t comfortable speaking out about such incidents handyman aired.

Now, not long after Pamela’s claim came to light, an old clip of Tim shows another of them handyman costars – albeit under different circumstances – has reappeared online.

The blooper in question features actress Patricia Richardson, who portrayed Tim’s wife on the show.

When Patricia’s character tells Tim that he looks “really sexy” in a kilt, she appears shocked when he suddenly picks up his kilt and positions himself across from her, causing the live studio audience to erupt in fits of laughter.

Speaking of bloopers with TMZ This week, Patricia, now 71, clarified that Tim was “well dressed underneath” and explained that she was “shocked that he lifted the kilt, not by a man in boxers”.

Of course, it’s important to note that this exchange is very different from Pamela’s, with whom Baywatch Star claims that Tim was completely nude — not to mention it reportedly took place backstage and not in front of a live studio audience.

Still, several fans couldn’t help but question Tim’s actions when reacting to the resurfaced clip of him and Patricia.

“Terrible!!!” one person wrote. “He’s obviously not a Buzz Lightyear, more of a Woody. I think Pamela Anderson.” said Another.

Twitter: @yodeex99

Pointing out the difference between the two events, one person tweeted: “Turning up a kilt that he’s wearing with boxers underneath while the cameras are rolling is different than showing someone your penis. Anyway, I BELIEVE PAMELA!”

@thedailybeast Turning up a kilt that he’s wearing with boxers underneath while the cameras are rolling is different than showing someone his penis. Anyway, I BELIEVE PAMELA! It happened.

Twitter: @nerdyblue

Meanwhile, others urged Tim to apologize to both Pamela and Patricia. “I think Pamela Anderson. He owes her and Patricia Richardson a public apology,” the tweet said.

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