This quaint café in Ho Chi Minh City with bunk beds lets you literally sip your coffee in bed

This quaint café in Ho Chi Minh City with bunk beds lets you literally sip your coffee in bed

Nestled in an old residential building in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City is the quaint and cozy Cafe Chidori. Designed by Studio Anettai, the cafe is miles away from the typical trendy cafes you come across these days. Instead, it’s a warm and welcoming place where you can rest, relax and escape the busy city life. It offers younger generations a welcoming and safe space to connect and engage.

Designer: Studio Anettai

The café is surrounded on both sides by typical Vietnamese houses and was built in a former conventional tube house. The entire café is characterized by beautiful modern materials – you can see the use of wood and brick as well as soft ambient lighting. The most interesting and delightful feature of the café is the rows of spacious double bunk beds that have been incorporated in place of the typical café seating. Studio Anettai has abandoned the traditional tables and chairs and instead created semi-private capsules that allow clients to relax and have a peaceful time. Zigzag brick walls are riddled with a series of openings that give the space a sense of privacy. The spacious bunk beds have been laminated with wood, while the interiors of the cabin have been lined with faux leather, creating a space that feels really comfortable and cozy.

The location of the cafe is rather separate and detached from the rest of the city. It is defined by several narrow streets called “Häms”. These fringes are responsible for creating urban blocks that are quite fragmented and disconnected from the city. By creating a café in such a location, the studio has attempted to reconnect this fragmented space with the rest of the city, thus encouraging the old and the new to blend and blend together. Chidori aims to be a “home away from home” for today’s youth, offering them a modern yet cozy space.

The exterior of the cafe has been designed to blend in with its surroundings. Materials such as brick tiles, stucco-like beige plaster, and ventilation blocks were used. These materials are widely used in traditional Vietnamese construction, allowing the structure to blend in well with the streetscape. The cafe is a heartwarming place to just lay down in bed and have a cup of coffee, especially when you need a break from the constant hustle and bustle of city life!

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