The LEGO-style wireless charging platform proves why LEGO should build “fun” tech devices

The LEGO-style wireless charging platform proves why LEGO should build “fun” tech devices

Dubbed the LEGO brick, this unique fan-made creation features a wireless charging mat alongside a special platform for docking accessories like lights, speakers and battery indicators, or building small dioramas with your own LEGO bricks…which leads me to a pretty one strange revelation and opinion – LEGO should fully enter the gadgets and smart things industry. The LEGO bricks are the first great example of why…

Designer: İbrahim Can Erdinçmer

The LEGO brick is a fun, quirky wireless charger that builds on LEGO’s promise of endless modularity and customizability, but here’s the rub. Tech nerds and geeks also love modularity and customizability. We like the idea of ​​being able to build our own desktops, choosing what components to put in, when to upgrade, or swapping things out whenever we want. This is exactly why we loved the PhoneBloks concept so much (I could fully see the LEGO DNA in this concept). Essentially, the LEGO brick sits perfectly at the intersection of being a bricknerd and being a technerd’s favorite desktop accessory. It will power your smartphone, watch, or TWS earbuds while providing a neat square area for docking modules or showing off your building skills. Coils under the Brick section also power the modules, allowing them to operate without additional cables/ports.

The LEGO brick takes the “boring” out of the “boring everyday job”.

Above all, what really sets the LEGO brick apart from the sea of ​​existing wireless chargers is its playful appeal. Not only can you use the building block to personalize your workspace, but you can also add a sense of fun and whimsy to it. You could recreate scenes from your favorite movies, create bonsai trees, or just build tiny architectural structures. This square space is your canvas of creativity and fun, giving you the option to use it for either productivity (thanks to the modules) or playtime. It helps relieve stress when work gets a little too daunting and demanding, and even serves as the perfect fidget toy for idea generation. After all, Ed Sheeran wrote the lyrics to his hit song “Shape Of You” while playing with LEGO bricks.

The LEGO brick is not only fun. It comes with its own modules that add a layer of productivity and features to the loading experience. The modules are designed to draw power directly from the Brick platform and turn on the moment they are connected to the distinctive rivet board. The three modules shown here are the cuboid lamp, the minimalist Bluetooth speaker and a nifty battery indicator. As a side note, other modules could also be things like an Apple Watch plug-in charger, AA battery chargers, a desk clock, an OLED photo frame, and so on.

Although entirely conceptual, the LEGO brick perfectly illustrates why LEGO is well positioned to be such a smart things giant. Maybe it would take a little collaboration (IKEA has worked with Teenage Engineering and Sonos to create their own smart home products), but it would propel LEGO into another area of ​​our lives where a little fun and frolic make a big one would contribute. I have already said that LEGO bricks are not toys, but rather building blocks for unleashing true creativity. Add some technology and we truly have a new area for LEGO to grow exponentially!

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