The airgel filled sleeping bag is designed to keep you warm even in temperatures as low as -40°F

A little-known fact about airgel is that, in addition to being the world’s lightest solid, it is an excellent thermal insulator and has been used on numerous Mars missions to protect critical components from heat and cold. Stuff it in a sleeping bag and suddenly you have the most effective extreme cold kit. Meet Biigloo, a sleeping bag that uses a single layer of airgel together with DuPont SORONA organic fleece to make it the most effective piece of insulated gear on your mountaineering trips or ski lodge visits. Just 1 millimeter of airgel in the biigloo design does what even Gore-Tex can’t, providing insulation even in temperatures as low as -40°F/-40°C.

Designer: Biigloo

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The Biigloo sleeping bag has a mummy-shaped, ergonomic design that wraps you perfectly in its snug yet roomy fabric. The ergonomic design features a foot box so you can put your feet up when you sleep and a zipper that you can open yourself. Constructed from one layer each of Airgel and DuPont Sorona Bio-Fleece sandwiched between two layers of 20D400T Ultra-Fine Nylon, the Biigloo is extremely water-repellent (up to 10,000mm), making it perfect for snow and 99.8% windproof thanks to the internal, non-porous airgel layer.

Biigloo is integrated with NASA’s aerospace airgel insulation technology.

Engineered for extreme winters and harsh, frigid climates, the Biigloo is great at keeping out the cold while also being excellent at trapping and retaining body heat. Slide in and zip up the anti-snag YKK zippers and you’ll instantly feel your body heat reflecting back to you, similar to foil or mylar-based outdoor gear. A flexible thermometer strip is built into the inside of the sleeping bag, so you can measure the temperature inside the sleeping bag and compare it with the temperature outside. The waterproof and windproof nature of the sleeping bag makes it even more effective against the cold, giving explorers, mountaineers and people in colder climates the ability to stay warm without having to rely on heaters, fire and other equipment/techniques.

Your Biigloo comes in a variety of fluorescent colors that make it easy to spot (in an emergency). The sleeping bag itself is deceptively light, as airgel is one of the least dense substances on earth, and comes with its own storage bag so you can fold it up and carry it around with you.

While the ultra-fine nylon is water, dirt and stain resistant, you can both machine and hand wash the Biigloo to keep it fresh. Available in Regular and Long sizes, the Biigloo costs a whopping $189 for super early bird backers. Enthusiasts can also snag a rectangular AeroQuilt from the same manufacturers, filled with superfine down, airgel and DuPont’s SORONA organic fleece.

Click Here to Buy Now: $189 $269 (29% discount). Hurry, only 135/200 left!

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