Submissions for the 2023 Design Week Awards are open

Take a look at which of this year’s categories might be suitable for your best work, and find out how we’re celebrating design excellence this year.

Each year, the Design Week Awards evolve to reflect the changing nature of designers’ work and adapt so we can focus on what’s important to you and your clients.

In recent years, more and more designers across the board have been encouraging clients to adopt a sustainable approach to projects, so this is becoming standard in many briefs. While we welcome projects that put people and planet first in all categories, we also have the Design Climate Action: Designing Sustainably category, which celebrates particularly innovative design work that is making a tangible difference to the health of the planet by they advanced principles such as regenerative design.

We are proud of the high standard of work we maintain in the communications group and look forward to celebrating more of that this year. The full spectrum of modern branding work is represented, as you will see by browsing the categories.

Covering everything from interaction design to TV, film and video graphics, the Digital group has been re-adapted in recent years to offer a relevant category for every digital project.

In our Products and Furniture group, consumer and industrial product design are presented as separate categories, and this year we’re adjusting the furniture category to include lighting.

In the Spaces section you will find exhibition design, workplace design, retail design and more. There is a home for every interior design.

We expect a panel of around 50 experts, each of whom will be selected for their expertise and divided into groups. This ensures that no matter which category you choose, we have the right designers looking at your work.

In June, our special winners’ showcase will appear at Design Week to help readers explore and understand the winning projects, which we bring to our global audience of over 900,000 across our website, social media followers and newsletter -Subscribers will make available.

Details on early bird participation can be found here, where you can also browse the categories and download our participation package.

January 30 – February 3, 2023 News

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