Royal Mail chief executive Simon Thompson is accused of misleading MPs about the stalking of employees

Royal Mail chief executive Simon Thompson is accused of misleading MPs about the stalking of employees

The Royal Mail boss has been accused of misleading MPs about the treatment of workers and whether the postal service puts parcels before letters.

Simon Thompson is set to be dragged before the Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee again after it was claimed he “did not give entirely correct answers”.

MPs recalled Mr Thompson after he denied tracking postal workers during their rounds and urged them to work faster with the Postal Digital Assistant system.

Since its appearance, the committee said it had received testimonies from Royal Mail staff who claim they had been followed.

In a letter to Mr Thompson, Labor MP Darren Jones, who chairs the committee, said: “I have received a considerable amount of correspondence from Royal Mail staff from across the country detailing some of the statements you made to the committee have been questioned.”

He continued, “The committee is now unsure whether all of the answers you gave during the session were absolutely correct.”

During intense questioning last week, Mr Thompson denied knowing that Royal Mail had tracked staff movements.

He said no. I’m not aware of any technology we’re using that tells people to work faster. I’m not even aware of that.”

“We don’t use this technology if someone returns to the office in any form of criminal offense. We don’t.”

Mr Jones also questioned the accuracy of Mr Thompson’s statements in response to questions about prioritizing parcel deliveries over letters and changes to employee sick pay.

Mr Jones said: “Since Mr Thompson appeared before the committee last week we have had a significant body of evidence which suggests his answers may not have been entirely accurate.

“Giving inaccurate information to a parliamentary committee, whether by mistake or otherwise, is taken very seriously. We need to get to the bottom of these inconsistencies on behalf of Parliament and intend to do so during this additional hearing.”

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “We welcome the opportunity to address any issues on which the committee would like clarification and share the steps we are taking to resolve this dispute and the long-term future of Royal Mail for our staff to secure and customers.

“As the CWU begins its third round of industrial action today, we see an increasingly false narrative circulating about our pay and bill dispute. This is intended to create fear and uncertainty among our employees as the CWU builds support for more damaging strikes, rather than focusing on striking a deal to deliver what our customers and our employees who already number about 1,800 each lost £ to allow for a pay rise after 18 days of strike.”

The CWU, which represents 115,000 Royal Mail employees and has increasingly monitored personal attacks against Mr Thompson, echoed the committee’s decision to remove the CEO of the FTSE 250 company.

A spokesman for the union said: “In the interests of democracy and public standards, we wholeheartedly welcome this decision.

“Politicians, who have been mandated by constituents to conduct an audit work with the utmost knowledge and clarity, are seriously concerned by Mr. Thompson’s evasive behavior.

“These concerns are shared by millions of people who need to know the facts from those who operate the postal services they rely on and deserve to be treated with the utmost seriousness.”

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