Prices, features, pros and cons

Prices, features, pros and cons

A worker uses Rippling to manage their workforce's payroll, benefits, expenses, devices, apps, and more.
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Rippling is one of the most popular software solutions that uniquely combines HR, IT and finance. Discover why the software suite continues to rank highly and differentiate itself from its competition in this Rippling review.

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What is ripping?

Rippling is a highly automated cloud-based software that helps businesses manage their employees’ payroll, benefits, expenses, devices, apps, and more. This respected software solution differentiates itself from the competition by combining HR, IT and finance into a unified workforce management platform centralized under one main dashboard (Figure A).

Figure A

Centralized Rippling dashboard for HR, IT and finance.
Centralized Rippling dashboard for HR, IT and finance. Image: rippling.

Rippling is used to perform rapid onboarding, manage US and global payroll and benefits, and run centralized employee databases. Its security features are robust; it can provide real-time activity monitoring of workers; and it integrates third-party applications and services with just a few clicks. Rippling can manage 2,000+ employees and users can scale quickly.

wave functions

Global Salary Management

Rippling’s global payroll features and capabilities are some of its greatest assets. The platform can manage thousands of remote workers no matter where they are located. Processing payroll for employees around the world can be done in minutes and with just a few clicks (Figure B).

Figure B

Annual Total Compensation visualization report in Rippling.
Annual Total Compensation visualization report in Rippling. Image: rippling

Rippling’s data synchronization feature is the driving force behind payroll automation. It can track hourly work and PTO, compliance, payroll information reports, as well as do tax calculations and much more. If you use QuickBooks and NetSuite ERP, you can also integrate with Rippling.

Administration of company pension schemes and health insurance

Rippling’s benefits management is comprehensive, bringing health insurance, 401k and more information into one system. In addition, services are fully automated; Once you have an employee onboard, they will automatically receive an invitation to select their own insurance plan. Taxes, insurance and other deductions are also automated.

You can enroll new employees, update deductions and manage COBRA, as well as get quotes and compare and sign up for more than 4,000 benefit plans from the country’s leading airlines, including Aetna, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield (Figure C).

Figure C

Automated health insurance selection for workers in Rippling.
Automated health insurance selection for workers in Rippling. Image: rippling

Customer service

Rippling users love the customer support. Rippling also offers a wide range of training courses and other learning materials.

Global HR Management

The key differentiator between Rippling and its main competitors is its holistic approach to people management. Companies can hire, pay and centralize their talent in one place. Each employee is paid in their own currency and receives full IT and HR support.

Organizations can automate compliance to comply with local laws and customize policies for each country. In addition, users can create unified reports that pull data from the platform and third-party systems.

Rippling can manage and integrate third-party apps, as well as seamlessly track and monitor apps, devices, data and security of employees – no matter where they are – in one unified system (Figure D).

Figure D

Rippling can pay workers in their local currency with automation and live rates.
Rippling can pay workers in their local currency with automation and live rates. Image: rippling

To mitigate cybersecurity threats, the company monitors devices, deploys systems, enforces security rules, detects real-time threats, and tracks shipping and inventory.

Another welcome feature is the learning management program that Rippling provides to train your employees and help them grow professionally. Learning Management has a robust library of 1,000+ pre-built courses – including sexual harassment, cybersecurity, and HIPAA training.

With Rippling, companies can conduct surveys to better understand their talent and gain insights into their teams.

Rippling’s pros

All in one solution

Rippling’s main benefit is that it can manage HR, IT, and finance in one suite, resulting in numerous benefits.

  • This prevents teams from migrating data internally from one platform to the other.
  • It removes many obstacles of multiple platforms such as data duplication, consistency, irregularities and confusion.
  • This saves resources, time and costs as HR teams can manage the entire lifecycle of an employee from hiring to onboarding to termination.

User friendly

Many leading software platforms are very complex to manage, but Rippling does a great job of balancing performance with integration and accessibility. By designing intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards and guides, not everyone on your team needs to be an IT professional or data scientist to manage Rippling.


With Rippling’s powerful automation tools, you only need to enter data in some cases; After that, the system distributes the information throughout the platform and places it where it is needed. Rippling also guides users with automated step-by-step processes as they enter information to set up payroll, 401k, health insurance, other benefits, and more.

IT management integration

Technology has become business critical for almost every industry. As hybrid working became the norm and thousands of new endpoints emerged, managing a workforce requires talent from HR, finance and IT. The merging of these three key sectors is one of Rippling’s greatest strengths. Rippling unifies its HR Cloud, IT Cloud and Finance Cloud, accessible from the main dashboard, creating a holistic solution and one place to manage everything.

Customizable and scalable

Regardless of your company size or industry, Rippling can adapt and grow. Users can seamlessly scale from two to thousands of employees while customizing profile inputs, reports and dashboards.

Comprehensive facility

Payroll, taxes, terminations and talent management can be extremely complex to manage and set up; Rippling approaches these processes with step-by-step guides that allow a company to set their own preferences. Additionally, smaller organizations can skip the more complex setup configuration steps reserved for large enterprises.

Rippling’s cons


Rippling is not the cheapest solution out there. Most pricing plans are billed monthly per employee, and the costs can quickly add up when companies have hundreds or thousands of employees. However, the solutions you get for the cost are more integral than the competition.

No free trial

It’s useful to try new software before investing in it. Rippling doesn’t offer a free trial, but you can request a 30-minute demo with an expert. Most of Rippling’s competitors offer free trials and many businesses, especially small ones, benefit from this type of model.

A steep learning curve

Rippling does not require any technical knowledge, programming knowledge or advanced computer skills. While intuitive and user-friendly, users can become overwhelmed by the platform’s overabundance of tools and dashboards. Be prepared that it may take a while for your team to use all of Rippling’s features.

Time-consuming settings

Rippling automation wizards are handy, but they tend to create very lengthy to-do lists and tasks. The automation process will ask your team numerous questions, especially in the early stages of operations.

flickering prices

Rippling starts at $8 per month for each user. Each HR and IT product (payroll, benefits, device management, etc.) can be purchased separately, along with the core Rippling Unity platform required. Each HR and IT product (e.g. payroll, benefits, device management) can be purchased separately with the core Rippling Unity platform, therefore each company can create its own plan.

Compared to the competition, Rippling is $2-3 more expensive per user, but Rippling does not charge a monthly fee on top of the per-user fee. Also, the company offers additional built-in features that the competition doesn’t offer and goes beyond the unique functionality of payroll. Some additional Rippling products may be included in the monthly base fees. Rippling products include the Rippling Unity platform, and the HR Cloud, IT Cloud, and Finance Cloud offerings are sold separately.

Rippling vs. its top competitors

Rippling competes with Gusto and OnPay, among other similar products, although Rippling is the only company of the three solutions to offer a combination of HR, IT, and finance functions. This table compares prices and key features of Rippling, Gusto and OnPay.

Rippling vs. Gusto vs. OnPay: Feature and Price Comparison Chart

special feature lapping gusto OnPay
Price Starting at $8/month per user $40/month plus $6/user $40/month plus $6/user
Free trial period no Yes Yes
Tax return and payment Yes Yes Yes
company size Small, medium or large Small, medium or large Recommended for small businesses
Full service payroll Yes Yes Yes
Tax return and payment Yes Yes Yes, but may request additional information
time tracking Yes Yes Yes, by integrating third-party apps
Third Party Integrations Yes Yes, albeit limited Yes, albeit limited
IT and finance Yes no no
Native performance management no Yes, on high-level plans no
health insurance coverage All US states All US states All US states
Direct deposit Yes yes next day Yes, within 4 days
craft and learn Yes Yes, via third party app integration no
Applicant Tracking System Yes Yes, via third party app integration no
Management and security of remote IT devices Yes no no

verification methodology

This rating is based on my personal experience of using software in a business environment. It also includes information and user reviews from Gartner Peer Insights, Forbes, Finance Online Review for Business, and other aggregated review sources.

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