Ozzy Osbourne is retiring from touring for health reasons

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne is retiring from touring because he says he is “physically unable” to handle the journey.

The 74-year-old “No More Tears” and “Crazy Train” singer announced Tuesday, canceling his upcoming tour stops while marking four years after a serious accident that damaged his spine and required life-changing surgery last year led removed and realigned pins in his neck and back.

“My only goal during that time was to get back on stage. My singing voice is fine. But after three surgeries, stem cell treatments, endless physical therapy sessions and the most recent breakthrough Cybernics (HAL) treatment, my body is still physically weak,” the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer said in a statement shared on social media.

“I am honestly humbled at how you all have patiently held on to your tickets for so long, but I have now come to the realization in good conscience that I am physically unable to do my upcoming European/UK tour dates , as I know I could not manage the travel required.

His farewell excursion, No More Tours II, was scheduled to continue through May with stops in Finland, Germany, his native UK and other locations through June. (Osbourne embarked on the first No More Tours tour in 1992.)

The Prince of Darkness added in more colorful language that he was upset by his fans’ disappointment and never thought his touring days would end like this.

“My team is currently developing ideas for where I can perform without having to travel from city to city and country to country,” he said, thanking his wife Sharon Osbourne, band, crew and longtime friends and the tour’s opening act, Judas Priest .

The legendary heavy metal singer also thanked his fans for their “endless dedication, loyalty and support and for giving me the life I never dreamed I would have.”

In 2018, just three days after Osbourne rescheduled three of the last four dates of his No More Tours 2 farewell tour in North America, he canceled all four of those dates due to ongoing medical issues. The “Bark at the Moon” singer underwent surgery for an infection on his right hand at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles the weekend before.

Reality TV star The Osbournes announced in 2020 that he has Parkinson’s disease, a brain disorder that can cause slow movements, stiffness and loss of balance, among other things. Speaking to The Times in 2020, he said he was diagnosed with the condition in 2003 and is taking medication to manage it.

“I’m not dying of Parkinson’s. I’ve worked with it most of my life,” he said. “I’ve cheated on death so many times. If you read “Ozzy Osbourne never woke up this morning” tomorrow, you wouldn’t be saying “Oh my God”. You’d say, ‘Well, it finally caught up with him.'”

Later that year, he said his most pressing health concerns were related to a fall in 2019 that left him with persistent pain.

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