MP George Santos gets angry at OAN host when he is challenged for lying

  • George Santos became furious when he was challenged by a reporter for lying during the campaign.
  • The exchange took place during an otherwise softball interview on the right-wing OAN network.
  • Santos has been found to have fabricated a number of claims about his background and career.

MP George Santos became furious when questioned by an OAN host about the sincerity of his apology for making a series of false claims about his background and personal history.

In an interview with the far-right OAN network, host Caitlin Sinclair initially appeared to sympathize with Santos over the negative media coverage he’s received about his lies and threw him a series of softball questions.

She then challenged him directly for the untruths, along with the sincerity of his remorse, and the mood soured.

“History has shown that the American people can forgive just about anything, but it begins with a sincere apology. A lot of remorse is usually shown. The prevailing opinion is that you haven’t shown that yet,” Sinclair said.

“You know, I don’t know what you mean by that, because I have it,” Santos replied when Sinclair noticed he seemed to get angry.

“I’ve said I’m sorry a lot. I’ve acted like I’m sorry. See if. If you… If you want to compare emotions, people show emotions differently. I’m sorry I’m deeply sorry,” he said.

“And, you know, I don’t know what’s being asked of me right now when you’re like, ‘Oh, you haven’t shown any remorse or you don’t seem to look sad.’ I don’t know what it means to look sad like you do, Caitlin,” he added.

On Tuesday, Santos said he would step down from his House committee duties until his name is cleared, noting that his presence in Congress has become a distraction for the Republican Party.

Although he has apologized for some of his lies, he has also attempted to present them as harmless embellishments on his resume.

In Tuesday’s interview, he denied having been elected as a result of deception.

Santos was found to have made claims about his career, personal and family history, including that his mother was present at 9/11 and that his family had fled the Holocaust. Earlier claims of Jewish descent were also pushed back.

Santos now faces investigations by federal authorities in New York over his financial affairs and by authorities in Brazil over allegations that he used a stolen checkbook.

According to a survey, 78 percent of voters in the New York congressional district he represents now want his resignation, although he has so far resisted calls to do so.

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