LPGA golf legend Annika Sorenstam joins the 2023 Indianapolis 500 Effort for Cusick Motorsports and Dreyer & Reinbold

LPGA golf legend Annika Sorenstam joins the 2023 Indianapolis 500 Effort for Cusick Motorsports and Dreyer & Reinbold

The Indianapolis 500 is one of the loudest sporting events in the world. It combines the shrill sound of the raw horsepower coming from the 33 engines hurtling along the 2.5-mile Indianapolis Motor Speedway with the roar of over 300,000 spectators.

In comparison, the LPGA Tour is one of the quietest sports. Decency is honored when golfers focus on lining up their putts. The spectators give polite applause after a drive down the fairway or a putt that goes into the cup.

At the 107thth The Indianapolis 500 on May 28 will see the two sports converge as Annika Sorenstam will partner with Cusick Motorsports and Dreyer & Reinbold Racing. Stefan Wilson becomes the driver of the Chevrolet powered Dallara Indy car in one of the greatest races in the world.

Sorenstam helped create a product called Fizzy Beez, which will be a sponsor for the team.

Sorenstam is considered the greatest female golfer in the world, holding many LPGA and Ladies European Tour records during her 15-year Hall of Famer career. She is still the LPGA’s all-time money leader, despite retiring from professional golf in 2008 to start a family, foundation and brand of businesses.

Sorenstam and her husband Mike McGee created a ready-to-drink cocktail after being dissatisfied with what they saw on the market.

“We are very pleased to be working with Don and his team at Cusick Motorsports,” said Sorenstam. “We love their passion for life and their approach to networking and hospitality through racing. Our beverages are available in Ohio, Tennessee and Northern Nevada and we believe this will help our brand awareness as we actively seek distribution in other states.”

While Fizzy Beez and Sorenstam are new to the Cusick Motorsports family, there is a common bond that ties everything together. Sorenstam is a global brand ambassador for Lohla Sport – the first official partner of Cusick Motorsports, dating back to 105th Running the Indianapolis 500 in 2021.

The premium women’s golf lifestyle apparel brand, founded by fashionista and longtime Golf Channel and Golfino executive Lisa O’Hurley, will announce its partnership with Cusick Motorsports on its third attempt at the famous 500 mile race in May continue this year. Sorenstam and Lohla Sport will both be present at the PGA Show in Orlando, FL this week with a special promotional opportunity to enter this year’s Indianapolis 500 through Lohla Sport’s wholesalers.

“From day one, Cusick Motorsports’ core mission has been to make the racing industry more accessible and create business opportunities for our partners,” said Don Cusick, Founder and CEO of Cusick Motorsports. “Not only building a relationship with a legend like Annika Sorenstam, but also having the confidence to support the growth of Fizzy Beez means a lot to us and we look forward to getting to work. We have a lot to look forward to with the addition of Liberty Group, Kitchen Mart and the law firms of Gerald L. Marcus to our fantastic group of partners.”

Fizzy Beez offers four sparkling classic cocktails Margarita, Cosmo, Moscow Mule and Mojito, all vodka based and made with real fruit juice, all natural, gluten free and kosher ingredients. Sweetened with organic honey, Fizzy Beez got its name because Sorenstam is considered a “busy bee”.

Fizzy Beez is a female owned business since Sorenstam met her partner Kathy Johanson playing cucumber ball in Lake Tahoe. They are committed to creating great-tasting cocktails with clean ingredients, but also giving back to nonprofit organizations that care about bees, which are so important to our ecosystem. Through her Fizzy Beez Promise, Fizzy Beez donates 100 percent of net proceeds from online merchandise sales to support local beekeepers and honey farmers in the communities where their beverages are sold.

Fizzy Beez will be represented at the #24 Dreyer & Reinbold Racing Cusick Motorsports Chevrolet along with Liberty Group, Kitchen Mart and the Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus, with existing partners including co-primary partners CareKeepers; Sierra Pacific Windows and Sierra Pacific Industries; CarBlip; 181 Fremont Residences, a Jay Paul business; Romak Iron Works; agromine; Mosaic Animal Care Group; The Thermal Club and Mr and Mrs James Lowes.

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