Kitty Forman is the best TV mom, and That ’90s Show proves why

Kitty Forman is the best TV mom, and That ’90s Show proves why

If you caught yourself crying That ’90s show‘s coming out scene, you’re not alone. The touching exchange between Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) and Ozzie (Reyn Doi), a new friend of Leia’s (Callie Haverda) – Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna’s (Laura Prepon) daughter – quickly evolved into the “Kitty Forman Best Moments.” “ Developed ” Hall of Fame.

By brilliant line delivery courtesy of Rupp, That ’90s show‘s coming out scene was arguably one of the most refreshing I’ve ever seen. It’s also a reminder of why Kitty Forman is one of the best TV moms of all time and why she is at the heart of That 70’s show (and That ’90s show).

Ozzie comes out to Kitty and her reaction is as sweet as you’d expect.

An elderly woman and a teenager are sitting on a couch trying to fix a computer.

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Ozzie has a 16-step coming-out plan, and he’s on step seven: Coming out to an adult you can see all the time. He decides to help Kitty set up a computer at home so he can use this quality tech time to tell her. His original plan of telling her via email quickly falls through when Kitty hilariously turns off the computer instead of double-clicking – thank goodness. This leaves him with no choice but to tell her directly, also mentioning his Canadian friend Etienne.

Kitty is silent for a second before saying she doesn’t agree with this. It’s an instant, heartbreaking proclamation that quickly topples her by declaring that she just doesn’t trust Canadian men — a hilarious turn of phrase that suits her character so well. In a matter-of-fact tone, she reassures Ozzie that she’s okay with him being gay. Of course, Kitty Forman would be an ally; we are all stupid enough to think otherwise.

She hugs Ozzie and tearfully says, “You just made me feel really special.” Kitty starts to cry. i start to cry And now we’re all crying.

We need more coming out scenes like Ozzie’s.

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While many coming-out scenes tend to have drama and shock, Kitty and Ozzie’s moment is one of unconditional love and support. You’re in a hostile environment: it’s the ’90s and it’s a small town in Wisconsin. Yet her response is instant acceptance with no questions asked, not “Is it just a phase?” Answer for a tired gag. She immediately accepted him as he is.

Yes, it’s a big moment for everyone, but That ’90s show beautiful makes it a great moment to trust before revelation. It’s not about the drama of Ozzie being gay, it’s about finding a unique companion in Kitty – a grandma in Wisconsin who, out of pure love in her heart, has become a mother figure to all those kids.


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Coming out is never a simple thing to do in real lifebut I hope That ’90s show Set a little blueprint and green light for more scenes showing support and love – and more support and love for those moments in the real world too. As important as it is celebrate queer characters even on television, we should also celebrate queer support systems.

A Love Letter to Kitty Forman: The Heart of That 70’s show.

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Kitty has spent season after season building a home for these generations of children. She makes them mountains of food, buys them their favorite snacks, and gives them pretty much anything if it makes them happy. Kitty’s love language showers her giving on everyone around her, and Ozzie coming out to her was a huge “you did it right” moment. She achieved her main goal: to create a safe place for all these kids to hang out. It’s time to lay the blame on Kitty Forman.

through That 70’s showis long term Actors have dived in and out. New characters have been introduced, old ones have gone, Spin-offs have taken place. Kitty – and Red (Kurtwood Smith) – remained constants. You can always count on seeing them together in the kitchen, tending to all those kids in their own unique way, wine and beer in hand and jokes just below their belts.

They’re honestly the best part of the show. Whether it’s her unwavering love of five o’clock booze or her arms that are always open for a tight hug, Kitty is the definition of an incredibly loving and sometimes overbearing mother who’s just trying to do her best. I think she finally made it.

That ’90s show now streaming on Netflix.

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