John Bolton slams Pompeo’s ‘character’ after ex-Trump secretary called him a ‘scumbag loser’

John Bolton slams Pompeo’s ‘character’ after ex-Trump secretary called him a ‘scumbag loser’

Former national security adviser John Bolton has responded after former colleague Mike Pompeo called him a “scumbag loser” and said he wanted to see the former White House aide sent to federal prison.

The clash began with descriptions of Mr Bolton in Mr Pompeo’s forthcoming memoir. Never Give An Inch: Fight For The America I Love, which will be released next week. Excerpts of the writings were released in Thursday The guard.

In it, Mr. Pompeo relentlessly criticizes his former colleagues, with the notable exception of Donald Trump himself. In Mr Bolton’s case, the former secretary accused him of leaking classified material by publishing his own memoirs. The room where it happened. Mr Bolton has long denied this, and the dispute was the subject of a Justice Department inquiry that ended in 2021.

Mr Pompeo went on to say he hopes to testify at a criminal trial against Mr Bolton, who he said should be “in jail for leaking classified information”.

In a statement to The IndependentMr Bolton further noted that his book went through a review process with the National Security Council prior to publication.

And he added to Mr. Pompeo’s remarks: “Mr. Pompeo’s statements to the contrary[in his forthcoming book]say more about his character than about my book.”

The two men could share a debate in 2024 as both have made little secret of potential presidential aspirations; However, Mr Bolton has branded his as a potential means of preventing Donald Trump from winning again.

Mr. Pompeo has remained very active in conservative circles since the end of the Trump administration, even taking steps to raise his profile and profile in early primary states while laying the groundwork for a bid for the GOP nomination.

Mr Trump has previously competed in the 2024 race and announced his candidacy for the presidency in Mar-a-Lago last year, although he continued to face a series of criminal investigations. Mr. Pompeo has largely remained a defender of the former president over the past two years and could be well-positioned to serve as his old boss’s running mate should the ex-president win the Republican nomination again.

The former secretary also attacked another potential 2024 rival in the published excerpts from his book. Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who left the governor’s mansion to join the Trump administration in 2017 only to leave a year later, is accused in the book of abandoning both her state and the American people to have.

“She has described her role as going head-to-head with bullies,” Mr. Pompeo wrote loudly The guard. “If so, why would she quit such an important job at such an important time?”

The Independent has reached out to Ms Haley for comment.

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