It looks like Samsung’s first 77-inch OLED TV will beat LG in one respect: a hefty price tag

Samsung has seemingly revealed a key detail about its soon-to-be-released 77-inch OLED TV, revealing it could beat LG in a key area – but not in a good way.

In the US, the largest variant of the Samsung S95C OLED TV – one of the many Samsung TVs unveiled at CES 2023 – is reportedly priced at $4,499.99. For comparison, LG’s most expensive 77-inch OLED TV – the LG G2 OLED, launched last year – cost $4,199 / £4,499 (about AU$6,100).

That Samsung price is the equivalent of around £3,630 / AU$6,335, which would make the TV slightly more expensive than LG in Australia but considerably cheaper in the UK; However, these are unlikely to be the official prices for those regions. Based on Samsung’s previous pricing strategies in the UK, we expect the TV to have a similar, if not higher, numerical value to its US price – i.e. the $4,500 TV would cost around £4,500 or more, despite the exchange rate huh means it ‘should’ cost £900. fewer. As for Australia, we wouldn’t be shocked if the final price was closer to AU$7,000, but we’ll have to wait and see what Samsung decides.

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