I saw Rian Johnson’s poker face on Peacock – and it’s nothing like Knives Out

It’s no secret that Peacock is the black sheep of the streaming family. While companies like Netflix and Disney Plus have extensive and excellent back catalogs, Peacock’s lack of top-notch originals has meant audiences have shunned it in favor of its more popular cousins.

Now, however, the NBC Universal streamer has a truly amazing TV show to rival its competitors: poker face. The idea of ​​Rian Johnson (knife out, war of stars), poker face is a sensationally good comedy crime series that can do more than fill it knife out-shaped emptiness in your life. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s the best Peacock show ever — and one that will finally convince you to sign up for the service.

The truth is out there

Charlie Cale looks worried as she looks at her phone in poker face

Pokerface stars Natasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale. (Credit: NBC Universal/Peacock)

poker face Stars Natasha Lyonne (Russian doll) as Charlie Cale, a drifter who possesses the seemingly supernatural ability to detect lies. Or, in Cale’s catchphrase-like terms, when a person “pips” them.

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