Hulu Splits From Rick And Morty’s Justin Roiland

Hulu has severed ties with Justin Roiland, co-creator of its show Solar Opposites and adult swim series Rick and Morty, the company announced Wednesday.

The announcement comes a day after Adult Swim announced it had ended its relationship with Roiland and a few weeks after news circulated of domestic violence charges against Roiland. NBC first reported the charges on Jan. 12.

“We have ended our collaboration with Justin Roiland,” Hulu Originals and 20th TV Animation said in a statement sent to The Times on Wednesday.

Roiland was associated with two animated series on Hulu co-creating and starring “Solar Opposites”. and executive producer of “Koala Man,” which he also guest-starred as voice artist. Both shows will continue without Roiland’s involvement.

The domestic violence charges against Roiland stem from an alleged incident that occurred on or about January 19, 2020 in Orange County and involved an unnamed Jane Doe, who was dating Roiland at the time, according to the complaint by TheTimes.

Roiland faces one charge of assault and one charge of false imprisonment through threats, violence, fraud and deception. He pleaded not guilty to both crimes in October 2020, court records showed.

Roiland’s attorney has denied the allegations, saying in a statement to The Times on January 12 that his client is “innocent” and they expect “this matter to be dismissed once prosecutors have completed their methodological review of the evidence.”

Hulu released its third and final season of Roiland’s show Solar Opposites last summer. In 2021, the show was reportedly renewed for a fourth season. The first season of “Koala Man” premiered on Hulu earlier this month.

Perhaps the biggest void left by Roiland’s absence is his adult swim show Rick and Morty, which also streams on Hulu.

Adult Swim, Cartoon Network’s adult audience counterpart, aired six seasons of the Emmy-winning “Rick and Morty,” which Roiland co-created with Dan Harmon. Roiland also voiced the title characters, mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith.

The show was renewed through season 10 as part of Adult Swim’s 70-episode taping in 2018. With the seventh season still in development, the show has four more seasons to come without Roiland. His acting roles are likely to be recast for the remainder of the show, a network rep said.

Hours after Adult Swim released its statement on social media On Tuesday, video game studio Squanch Games, which developed Roiland’s game High on Life, followed suit and announced that Roiland had done so resigned from the company.

“The passionate team at Squanch will continue to create games we know our fans will love while continuing to support and improve High on Life,” Burbank game developers said in their statement.

Roiland is scheduled to appear in court for a continued hearing on April 27.

Times contributors Tracy Brown, Alexandra Del Rosario, and Wendy Lee contributed to this report.

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