Google Tests New AI Chatbot ‘Apprentice Bard’ Amid ChatGPT Buzz: CNBC

  • Google employees are testing potential ChatGPT competitors — like its own AI chatbot called Apprentice Bard, according to CNBC.
  • That’s just weeks after management reportedly issued a “Code Red” on the rise of ChatGPT.
  • Google is also testing other AI-powered products, including a search page.

The competition in artificial intelligence is intensifying.

Google employees are testing potential challengers to viral AI chatbot ChatGPT — including its homegrown chatbot Apprentice Bard — CNBC reported Tuesday, citing sources and internal communications made available to the publication.

The bot reportedly uses Google’s own language technology called LaMDA, or Language Model for Dialogue Applications.

This comes just weeks after the tech giant’s management reportedly issued a “Code Red” on the rise of ChatGPT, which has been making waves of late for its ability to generate written, human-like text.

Apprentice Bard seems to work similarly to ChatGPT in that users can ask a question in a dialog box and get a response via CNBC. Users can also provide feedback on the bot’s response.

Asked if there would be more layoffs at Google — where 12,000 employees were laid off in January — Apprentice Bard replied that another round of layoffs in 2023 was “unlikely,” CNBC reported, citing an example shared internally.

“Layoffs are generally carried out to reduce costs and structures, but the company is doing well financially. In fact, Google’s revenue grew 34% in 2021 and the company’s stock price is up 70% since January 2022,” responded Apprentice Bard. per media office.

Insider could not independently confirm Apprentice Bard’s data source. Publicly available information shows that Alphabet’s — Google’s parent company — revenue is up 41% in 2021, while Alphabet’s Class A shares have fallen 32% since January 2022.

In addition to the Apprentice Bard, Google is also testing other AI-powered products, including a search page.

Google didn’t specifically comment on the projects reported by CNBC, but told Insider that it has “a long-term focus on developing and using AI to improve people’s lives.”

“We believe that AI is a fundamental and transformative technology that is incredibly useful to individuals, businesses, and communities, and as our AI principles outline, we must consider the broader societal impact these innovations can have,” said Lily Lin , a spokeswoman for Google.

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