Far-right pundits Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder clash over m media deal

Far-right pundits Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder clash over $50m media deal

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Far-right YouTuber Steven Crowder has accused conservative media outlets like The Daily Wire of conspiring with tech companies to censor conservative views after the company offered Crowder a $50 million deal that would cut his pay if his Social media channels would be demonstrated or boycotted, what Crowder calls a “slave contract”.

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In a video posted online this week, Crowder said some outlets are “in bed” with tech companies and conspiring to ultimately demonstrate and censor far-right views on social media platforms, though he didn’t specifically name any outlets.

Crowder also showed snippets of a deal from a company – later confirmed as The Daily Wire – with the compensation penalties when its program faced a loss of advertising revenue – including through ad boycotts or when Crowder’s channels were demonstrated by social media platforms.

While Crowder never named the media company or specified its proposed salary, he said the contract’s “immoral terms” effectively penalize conservative content creators “on behalf of Big Tech.”

The CEO of The Daily Wire, Jeremy Boreing, confirmed details of Crowder’s job offer in a YouTube video on Thursday, alleging that the YouTuber misrepresented the contract, which would have netted Crowder $50 million over four years.

Boreing attributed the terms of the contract to running a profitable media business, saying Crowder seems to think he deserves to be paid “millions and millions of dollars,” whether or not his show brings in revenue for The Daily Wire.

Far-right media figures have criticized Crowder, including the co-founder of The Daily Wire Ben Shapirowho said it was “pretty mean” to attack friends for his “misreading of a document offering you $50 million.”

Matt Walsh, who hosts a show on the Daily Wire, said the suggestion that the company’s pundits “sort of muzzled or controlled is obviously absurd,” while Candace Owens said, “That was it a total bitch move.”

Defending himself in a YouTube video Thursday, Crowder said his comments were “not about the money” and encouraged the Daily Wire to change their business model to less rely on advertiser revenue.


“If there’s a penalty for being demonstrated on YouTube because your business model requires a large component of it, you have to change your business model or that movement can’t work,” Crowder Boreing said during a call that played in Crowder’s video Thursday would.

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Crowder previously had an online show at TheBlaze, Glenn Beck’s media company, but announced last month that he was leaving. Crowder has long been a controversial figure on social media, most notably on YouTube, which demonstrated his main channel in March 2021, rendering him unable to run ads and make a profit. YouTube didn’t say whether a specific event triggered Crowder’s demonetization, but removed one of Crowder’s videos for violating YouTube’s “Presidential Election Integrity Policy,” the platform said, and suspended him for a week. Later in October 2021, Crowder was suspended again after he uploaded a video discussing the story of a transgender woman who served time in a California women’s prison and allegedly raped and impregnated a fellow inmate, a claim that was debunked. Crowder was banned after the video was found to violate YouTube’s hate speech policy by repeatedly targeting the LGBTQ+ community, YouTube said.


Last year, Boreing said The Daily Wire was a $100 million deal. The site’s 12-month revenue reached $100 million in January 2022, up from about $65 million for full year 2020. The Daily Wire is among the top publishers on Facebook, and the company’s right-wing experts are among the most popular Conservative creators. In addition to news coverage and social media, The Daily Wire produces original films, has its own book imprint and other products. The company began selling its own line of men’s shaving kits last year after popular cosmetics brand Harry’s Razors withdrew its advertising from the site over complaints of homophobic comments from podcast hosts.

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