Debunking bizarre myths about American high school

Debunking bizarre myths about American high school

Debunking bizarre myths about American high school

The topic of how exactly American movies and TV shows depict everyday life in the United States has been a hot topic on social media lately.


“The fact that Very bad spending an entire movie trying to get hold of alcohol is totally realistic. We really had whole evening adventures trying to get alcohol, and several people at school had fake Hawaii IDs.”


“Most high school students don’t pull into the parking lot every morning.”


“School fights in the films make it seem like the students compete like prizefighters. In reality, they throw out a few pathetic punches, grab each other’s shirt, and roll over until security forces disperse them 25 seconds later.”


“Cheerleaders don’t wear their uniforms 24/7.”


“Cliques aren’t as well defined in real life as they are in movies.”


“Parties are more low-key affairs. They have nothing to do with those huge “everybody come” events in the movies — unless you know someone with a huge house that seats 100+ students.”


“There’s more truth in it Napoleon dynamite than is inside Bring it on or mean girls.”


“Television shows make it seem like kids have free time in the middle of the day to chat at their lockers. In reality, you book it across from the building because you have five minutes to get from the first floor to your locker, to the second floor, and then all the way up the third floor to your fourth-period class.”


“Most American high schools are basically the polar opposite of euphoria.”


“We have active shooting exercises. There are many eligible parents. We don’t go to school at 10am – the sun almost never rises until we get there. And yes, we get 2-3 hours of homework most days.”


“Once I was walking down the hall with my books in my arms. A random bully knocked her out and left all my stuff flying all over the place. In a movie everyone would point and laugh. In reality, the other kids gasped and a few random students stopped and helped me pack my stuff. I remember a girl saying, ‘That was so mean.'”


“Most people aren’t that attractive. Most people aren’t in their 20s.”


“All my European friends ask if we wear these square hats to graduation and drink from Solo red cups at parties. Yes and yes.”


“I swear John Hughes must have been raised on Mars or something.”


“On TV, all the lockers are huge and at eye level. I remember coming to high school and being disappointed that we had these cube-sized lockers stacked on top of each other. And they were scattered all over the school, most inconveniently placed.”


“Morning announcements are real and just as ridiculous as those on TV and in the movies.”


“Prom is a lot less important in real life. And nobody really cares who wins the prom queen.”


friday night lights is actually pretty realistic about Texas schools. Football is a religion there. In some cases, a high school head coach could make more than the teachers or even the principal.”


And finally, “There are far fewer vampires in real high schools.”

Some answers have been edited for length and clarity.

What is one myth about American high schools that needs debunking? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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