Core77 Weekly Recap (1/23/23 – 1/27/23)

Here’s everything we covered this week:

The NapEazy is a weird telescopic pillow designed for napping in odd positions on the go.

The Heatty is a marble space heater designed by Claudio Larcher, professor and director of the design department at Milan’s New Academy of Fine Arts.

Industrial designer Christian Neumeier designed these unusual Bender wall hooks made of powder-coated steel.

Product designer Jordi Canudas developed a novel way to color the glass lampshades of his Dipping Lights.

To ensure privacy in public, Cap_able, a clothing line by fashion designer and machine learning expert Rachele Didero, produces a knitwear line that fools facial recognition software into thinking you’re an animal.

We asked ourselves what many industrial designers are no doubt asking: do aftermarket products reveal design flaws?

The Swedhook is a portable, universal hook that is sure to be adopted by the EDC market.

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Designers at technology accessories company Anker are rethinking the form factor of the established wireless charging platform and creating a more modernist cube.

Industrial design students Lukas Bazle and Lukas Stotz reinvent the closet as a drying rack, shortening a step in the routine from washing to carrying.

This[es] The brand creates “tools of everyday life”, striking new objects that look aged and are made using traditional craft techniques.

The Twixit Seal & Pour solves a UX problem for food that comes in paper bags. It’s a pocket clip with a handy spout.

Studio Kaschkasch designed Rail, a modular table system that can be expanded via a sliding trestle, rails in grooves, and a cam lock.

Transport designer Samir Sadikhov wrote this aggressively styled tank, a bulletproof all-terrain vehicle manufactured by Rezvani Motors.

NVIDIA’s new webcam filter can fake your eye contact, making video conferencing and presentations look more natural.

Industrial designers Bryce Gibson and Kurt MacLaurin invented the mule, an all-terrain vehicle that could be hand-drawn, bicycle-drawn, or towed by a vehicle’s hitch.

Teenage Engineering’s OP-Z Stable Diffusion Synthesizer, developed by think tank/design studio Modem and creative agency Bureau Cool, creates an AI-powered visual experience that mirrors the visual experience of synesthesia.

Industrial designer Myung-Nyun Kim created this Amphi concept, a cooktop with a changing heating element that can accommodate both regular flat-bottomed cookware and the curved shape of a wok.

The Italian manufacturer Atim makes fittings that allow furniture to be pulled out of cabinets.

Digital manufacturing company Kkervvit uses a 5-axis CNC router to create these wooden eyewear frames for Enlite.

Another CNC-based manufacturer, Karv Design, makes this amusing “Great Wave off Kanagawa” desk organizer.

Manufacturer Impact Racks is now collecting the obsolete newspaper boxes they sold to companies decades ago and rehabilitating them into upcycled storage units.

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