Core77 Weekly Recap (01/30/23 – 02/03/23)

Happy Friday folks. Here’s what we covered this week:

Steelcase’s Racine collection is a fresh take on office furniture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright with some modern updates.

Knife designer Bob Terzuola created these Tac-and-Tweeze, retractable tweezers that are safe to carry in a pocket.

Audi’s offbeat Activesphere concept vehicle is a hatchback with a hidden bed.

We asked (and think we found) why the classic French work shirt doesn’t have a right breast pocket.

Industrial design consultancy Herbst Produkt designed a range of beautiful cutting tools for Slice.

Artifact Design NC uses their laser cutter to make 3/4 view toy car displays.

Theodore Simon, student of industrial design at ECAL, designed this mono-material scale with a compliant mechanism.

Konstantin Grcic’s attractive Locker Box and Drop Box for Vitra are toolboxes for knowledge workers in the world of hot-desking.

In our monthly Design Speculations, we’ve looked at AI’s takeover of collective thinking and the recent wave of layoffs in certain sectors.

The Manufacto program, supported by Hermès, is a wonderful initiative that introduces school children to manual work.

Image: Benoît Teillet / Hermès Corporate Foundation

Image: Benoît Teillet / Hermès Corporate Foundation

Naoto Fukasawa designed this beautiful aluminum Za stool for Emeco.

Art Center student Drake Dong designed this beautiful Atlas delivery electric bike concept.

Nendo’s Nautilus letter opener brings beauty to an often overlooked utensil and works in surprising ways.

The Funambulb lamp from the Swiss design brand Superlife is designed in such a way that it can be easily hung up anywhere.

The striking Amulet pendant light by product designer Alexey Danilin combines both hand-blown glass and LED lighting.

Industrial designer Giacomo Moor’s Centina furniture collection features bracing based on ancient Roman formwork.

Industrial design student Thomas Ferreira came up with this concept for integrated desk lighting that casts no shadows.

Design professor Claudio Larcher designed this affordable, easy-to-assemble Paco y Paco school furniture for developing countries.

Another rope and sheet metal furniture design, this Knot Waste Furniture by ID consultancy PriestmanGoode aims to reduce waste.

The Japanese-Danish design office INODA+SVEJE created this beautiful art sofa and chair for the Japanese manufacturer Karimoku.

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