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Asmodee recently announced two new games coming this spring. First, Asmodee and Zygomatic announced a reinterpretation of the timeline called games timeline twist. The game will feature cooperative strategic gameplay as they work together to put historical event maps in order. The game will feature 100 unique cards, but only 36 will be used per game, allowing for a variety of combinations for more replayability. The game will launch this spring with an MSRP of $16.99.

Timeline Twist features 100 unique maps, each with a different historical event, that players can place together on a timeline and earn points. The goal of each team is to place as many of their cards correctly on the timeline as possible before their opponents. Players need more than historical knowledge to succeed in Timeline Twist, with rules that reward strategic thinking and teamwork.

Talk about timeline twistLeading Designer Frederic Henry divided:

Timeline Twist is an accessible experience designed to bring families around the table while providing a challenge for seasoned card game experts. Our redesigned Timeline ruleset rewards teamwork and creates an accessible environment where everyone feels welcome. Timeline Twist is perfect for gamers looking to introduce a new title for family board game night.

Meanwhile, Asmodee and Bezzerwizzer Studio shared the tile-based game FACILITY starts on April 1st. The game is a new take on the rummy genre designed for all ages. In a simple but strategic game you build sets based on colors or numbers. You can pre-order FACILITY now at Asmodee and select retailers for an MSRP of $29.99.

BUILD is simple: players combine colors and numbers on card-like tiles to earn points. Placement is key as players can create combos in any direction or even stack tiles to knock down an opponent. A single tile placement can earn points for multiple sets as it extends in different directions, but players should be careful not to help opponents create their own sets! Playable with 2-4 players in free-for-all or 2v2 team mode, SETUP offers an exciting set-building showdown for the whole family.

Birgitte BulowCEO of Bezzerwizzer Studio said:

One of our missions as a team is to bring people together with new perspectives on traditional games – across all age groups. Reinterpreting classics like rummy is a great way to bring families together. We know Rummy fans will love the new twists and mechanics, like the introduction of checkers with an extra color and a clear board-based scoring system. These changes make SETUP just as fun and easy for new players as it is for established card game fans!

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