antonio aricò and seletti debut terracotta collection at maison&objet

antonio aricò and seletti debut terracotta collection at maison&objet

from calabria to paris: “magna graecia” makes its debut at maison&objet

Calabrian designer Antonio Arico Take Maison&Object‘s fair in January 2023 to unveil Magna Graecia, a collection of terracotta objects for Seletti. The collection takes stylistic cues from the ancient Greek colonies of southern Italy and includes familiar motifs of Doric and Ionic columns, wave patterns and whimsical busts shaped with reference to antiquity. The works thus translate traditional southern Italian craftsmanship through a playful and contemporary lens, a common theme in the designer’s work.

The team describes the spirit of the collection: “Magna Graecia tells an ancient story that, through Seletti, finds its own way to enter contemporary everyday life with irony and grace.’

Seletti Antonio AricoAmphora, ‘Greek Posture 1’ | Pictures © Alfred Muscatello

antonio aricò + seletti bring the mediterranean into the world

Antonio Arico manufactures the Magna Graecia collection for Seletti – can now be seen below Maison&Object — as a family of objects for indoor and outdoor use. The designer hopes that the objects will conquer terraces, gardens, porches, but also lounges, living rooms and entrance halls. The omnipresent terracotta material is closely linked to the Mediterranean tradition and typical of southern Italy. With this in mind, Aricò presents the project to bring this warm and sunny atmosphere to interiors around the world.

Terracotta is apparently a very bad material, but you can do magic with it,’ says Antonio Arico.I am fascinated by its “naked” color and the natural imperfection of its thickness, qualities that have led me to create a family of objects that speak of craftsmanship while being able to tell passionate stories through the interpretation of Magna Graecia decorations.’

Seletti Antonio AricoCapital, ‘Ercole’

Translation of Greek tradition through modern design

The objects in Antonio Aricò’s Magna Graecia collection range from functional to decorative objects. Functional pieces include vases with Doric, Greek or wave ornaments, crafted in both standing and wall-mounted editions. A jug is shaped to evoke the well-known stereotype of Greek pottery, while an Ionic column serves as either a base or an ashtray.

The decorative objects include the busts of Man and Poppea and two large and sensual “bronzes” inspired by the famous Riace sculptures. Vases take the form of male and female heads inspired by Caltagirone pottery, while a cup and an “amphora” vessel depict battle decorations and love scenes.

Seletti Antonio Arico
complete collection, ‘The Discovery’

Seletti Antonio Arico
core Seletti Antonio Arico
Graca vase

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