All games coming from Xbox Developer Direct in 2023

On Wednesday, Xbox hosted a showcase called Developer Direct, where the developers of five games releasing in 2023 could talk directly to viewers about their games through a pre-recorded event — think Nintendo Direct, but fewer trailers and more talks . The result was quite an interesting showcase where we got to hear from the developers themselves what they thought of the games they were working on.

Of course, while hearing from the developers was a nice part of the show, everyone really wanted to find out what Xbox had planned for everyone in 2023. While all but one of the games on the list weren’t really a surprise, we can still say that the event allowed us to anticipate a big year for Xbox in 2023. Mostly because we know there are even bigger titles on the way that haven’t been shown yet.

Minecraft Legends – April 18th

The event ended with Minecraft Legendsa Minecraft RTS game that sounds kind of weird until you start hearing them talk about it, then you realize no franchise needs an RTS more than Minecraft. Think about it. What is the point of RTS games? Gathering resources, building bases and destroying enemy forces by being better at resource gathering and building bases. The only non-Minecraft The thing about it was the player versus player element and that’s basically what Minecraft Legends adds. It was due out in April and I’m looking forward to it a lot more now than I did before the showcase.

Forza Motorsports – 2023

That was probably the biggest disappointment of the day Forza Motorsport. There was nothing wrong with the game itself! It looks great, sounds great and will likely be another fantastic entry into the Forza Motorsport Franchise. The disappointment is that it was the only game shown that didn’t have an official release date, and it might even be delayed beyond the expected spring release it was originally announced for. It is Forza Motorsport So we know it’s going to be a great game, but it was the odd game in a string of release dates to look forward to.

Hi-Fi Rush – January 25 (today)

Well that was a pleasant surprise! When a brand new game is announced, the best you can hope for is usually a release date in the same year. Instead of this, Hi-Fi Rush was announced and shown off to an increasingly excited audience before being stunned by the announcement that it was ready to go and would be released shortly after the presentation ended. So now if you go to Microsoft Store or GamePass you can buy or download the game. This is how you make an appearance.

Elder Scrolls Online – June 20th

It’s hard to believe that this is the same franchise that upon release was quickly ignored by many as they progressed to better games. Credit has to be given to the developers at ZeniMax Online Studios, they persevered and created an MMO that many fans have returned to over and over again over the years. For fans of the series, a major expansion was announced during the presentation that included a new class and story for fans to dive into. For those of us who have never played before, this may be the catalyst we need to jump into the series this June.

Redfall – May 2nd

redfall, the vampire FPS game from Arkane Studios, has been a point of intrigue since it was first announced. However, it struggled to capture fan interest through most of its trailers, and perhaps the developers noticed that because the game was delayed alongside it starfield again in May. Turns out this May will be the time of redemption when the game will hopefully release. The multiplayer aspects of the game have a lot of potential, and perhaps the gameplay we saw today will get people finally excited about a AAA title.

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