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If your team doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl, at least you have the fun commercials to watch and be entertained. One of the ads to look forward to this year is a Rakuten commercial Alice Silverstone back in the role of Cher Horowitz from the 1995 classic comedy, clueless.

The teaser for the commercial begins with a classroom of students having a conversation. A school bell rings, the iconic yellow diamond appears in the frame, and Cher strides down the aisle, clutching a shopping bag in each hand. She reaches the front of the classroom and sets her down, then faces the camera and says, “No mistakes. Your girl is back.”

In a recent interview with Variety, Silverstone spoke about making the commercial, saying:

“Rakuten came to me with this idea and I thought it was really clever. When I think of Cher and how she’s the most historic shopaholic in the movie, the idea that she could use this app is the greatest hack ever to get money back on all your purchases. I have a feeling she would want everyone to know that.”

The ad also represents a throwback to the film’s legacy, as well as a nod to the resurgence of ’90s culture and fashion trends. Did she know that when she made it? clueless would be so successful?

“I didn’t do films because I thought they would do well or not. I had no idea about that; I only played because I liked it. But then it quickly became clear that it would take over.”

However, the habits and values ​​of a 2023 shopaholic look different than those of a 1995 shopaholic. How might Cher go shopping today? Silverstone weighed in:

“Cher really evolves at the end of the film. She always has compassion, but she’s really waking up to what’s really important. I think she would really buy eco[-friendly]cruelty-free clothing.”

When asked what she thinks of the revival of ’90s fashion trends, Silverstone admits, “I can’t even tell you what I’m thinking about – what’s something ’90s?”

After Silverstone mentioned low-rise jeans as an option spilling over from the ’90s into the 2000s, Silverstone responded:

“I had all the low-rise jeans, that’s for sure… If you’re a woman over 25, you want the high-waist jeans… I don’t know that we want the low-rise jeans. I don’t know if that will work for us with older women.”

When asked what makes it difficult to recapture the energy of this decade’s teen movies and shows, Silverstone said:

“Amy Heckerling never wanted to do Clueless 2. She was asked so many times and she simply declined. She just felt there was magic in what we did. So I don’t know why or how that works… You can have the most incredible cast, the most incredible script, the most incredible director and still sometimes those movies don’t work. When it does that, it really is something special.”

The 30-second commercial will air Sunday, February 12, during the championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Check out the teaser below:

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